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  1. JT

    Removing/ altering the comment

    I think I fixed it!
  2. JT

    Removing/ altering the comment

    hmm, when someone posts a photo comment they have 60 minutes to edit it. I have upped that to 180 minutes. As far as liking a photo, i am not having any issues. However, keep in mind one cannot like their own photo. I could change that if needed. jt
  3. JT

    Taking suggestions for forum list

    for the time being, use the search by text option and enter something like otus to see how that works
  4. JT

    What have you bought recently?

    Oh my, Bill.that is a beauty.
  5. JT

    Taking suggestions for forum list

    feature added. Now you can enter a page number directly and go to that page
  6. JT

    So what are your photo haunts when you need to get out of the house and take a few snaps?

    This is a tough one. I moved from Portland to the sticks and now rarely have a photo opportunity. I use to shoot downtown all the time and now I have no downtown. I think as spring and summer roll in, I might be more inspired. But as of now, I find myself at a loss for regular photography.
  7. JT

    Picture Images too Small

    If you're talking about this site, there is a mobile version in the work. Stay tuned
  8. JT

    Can't find a garbage bin...

    Ok. I have fixed it. Let me know if you see anything else that isn't working as expected.
  9. JT

    Minor changes to the gallery

    Although minor, they are quite significant in terms of ease of use. I have made it so now you can hover over a thumbnail. When you do so, the user and options caption is displayed where you can then click on the hamburger menu to see more details about the photo or click on the username for...
  10. JT

    Walk around Tele for Sony A7c

    Yes. Lots of playing with the batis line. Very light and well built. Don't care for the electronic aperture readout but it's no big deal. You can't go wrong with an 85.
  11. JT

    Yashica Electro35 GS

    My dad use to have one. At the time I wasn't really into photography. But the the alure of rf cameras was starting to get me. Having said that, the elctro seemed like a solid camera with descent optics. Please post some images taken with it.
  12. JT

    Walk around Tele for Sony A7c

    For Sony I would say an 85mm 1.8 would be nice. not too big. I know its not an f4 but it really is a nice peice of glass.
  13. JT

    Have you browsed through the hof ?

    I think I have resolved the issue
  14. JT

    Just for the medium format person

    Quite an interesting background there Pete. Now that digital has come such a long way , do you think MF is as important as it once was?
  15. JT

    Just for the medium format person

    New forum just added for medium format users!
  16. JT

    Have you browsed through the hof ?

    A few people with ad blockers are reporting similar issues. Can you try a different browser without an add blocker? Or just remove the site from being blocked. Read the notice on the top of the page about this.
  17. JT

    For the members who are too lazy to comment :)

    We need more feedback as photographers. As you know, we tend to get lazy and simply pass on commenting when a photo really deserves one. Having said that, I have made things really easy for you to comment when you see a photograph you really like. You now have the ability to create custom...
  18. JT

    I have been working on the *** sites for many years. Always trying to improve and add...

    I have been working on the *** sites for many years. Always trying to improve and add new features. Now I have consolidated them into one site where everything can be consistent and hosting easier to manage. I have also thrown in a forum software in the hopes of getting our members...
  19. JT

    Gallery with your username as subdomain

    Quick heads up, You can now go directly to your gallery and share links to your gallery with your username as part of the url. For example, one of my favorite contributors to the site here is Sol. Anyone can see her images directly by just using The other cool thing is that if...
  20. JT

    are you still using Zeiss classic ZF/ZE lenses?

    its a licensing thing. Nikon needs to be more open and allow others to deliver solutions they are not willing to do. Like L mount